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Research Interests

1. Cardio-Renal Syndrome: Mechanisms of kidney dysfunction and cardiac hypertrophy characterizing hear failure.

Heart Failure, Natriuretic Peptides, and Corin

  • Neurohormones (RAAS) vs. Natriuretic Peptides (NP)
  • Corin, activated by PCSK6, converts NPs to their active form.
  • Active ANP/BNP promotes diuresis, natriuresis, vasodilation
    and prevents cardiac remodeling.

Current knowledge

  • High levels of NPs, yet low or no activity.
  • While some studies show that corin is upregulated in HF, additional studies claim the opposite.
  • No data concerning the status of PCSK6 in HF or CRS.

Our research question

  • To assess the alterations in Corin in HF (Upregulation/Downregulation)? How does it contribute to cardio-renal syndrome?
  • To examine the involvement of PCSK6 and Corin in the heart and kidney tissues, simultaneously.
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